Snow White

Actividad de aprendizaje (ingles)
Language: Spanish
Subject: Inglés > Lectura
School grade: Peru Peru > Secundaria > 5º grado
Age: 16 - 17

Snow White

Actividad de aprendizaje (ingles)

Where did Snow White live?

In a castle

In a straw house

In a village

In a church

What was Snow White's stepmother like?

Good and helpful

Bad and vain

Egocentric but good at cooking

Bad and empathetic

What did the stepmother ask every day?

If she was the most beautiful woman

If I had the perfect clothes

If his stepdaughter was well

If it would go well in love

Who did the stepmother ask if she was the most beautiful?

To a magical cat

To her servant

To a magic mirror

To white snow

What was Snow White poisoned with?

With a sweet cookie

with a needle

With a poisoned apple

with a flower

What did the stepmother order to be done to Snow White?

That they would buy him clothes to give him sweets

That will take her to

The forest and decite from her

That they will marry her with the prince