Listening comprehension

Language: Spanish
Subject: Inglés > Lectura
School grade: Chile Chile

Listening comprehension

I. Choose the correct answer according to the given information

1. What is the subject of the announcement?

2. What does the teacher say about making last year`s rivers?

3. What is probably true about when the classrooms were destroyed?

4. What will the team probably do next?

5. What is the purpose of the announcement?

6. What is the boy´s problem?

7. Why does the teacher mention the boy´s grades?

8. What does the teacher mean when he says "It´s a school rule, John"

9. Why doesn´t the boy want to repeat 8th grade?

10. Why does the teacher begin to talk?

11. Why does the teacher mention the hostiles natives?

12. According to the talk, What do some people say about the right to have guns?

13. What does the teacher suggest about gun control?

Chatting time

II. Read the questions and choose the coherent answer

1. What was your favorite subject at school?

2. What kind of student were you?

3. Did you do any extracurricular activity at school?

4, What is the most memorable moment of your school days?