Listening Comprehension N° 06 - Pre A1

Language: Spanish
Subject: Inglés > Gramática
School grade: Peru Peru > Secundaria > 2º grado
Age: 13 - 14
2. Complete with the information from the audio.
Listen to the interview and answer the following questions.
A. I
at 5:00 o'clock.
B. I
a shower
with natural products.
C. I
a plant-based breakfast.
D. I
from papaya,
apple or oranges.
E. I
in the
3. Answer the following question.
A. What actions does Maya Penn do?
4. Listen to the interview and choose the right answer.
1. Listen and choose the right answer.
A. I use plastic-free shampoo.
A. What's the name of the guest?
B. I eat a plant-based breakfast.
B. How old is she?
C. I ride my bike as my transportation.
C. Where's she from?
D. I wear recycled clothing.
D. Does she have an eco-friendly routine?
E. I use recycled water for the plants.
E. Does she do different activities in the morning?