MS Excel -COPA

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MS Excel -COPA

In MS-Excel which functions will calculate the number of workdays between 6/9/2013 and 8/12/2013

A. Workday

B. Date

C. Networkday

D. Weekday

In MS-Excel data marker on a chart are linked to data points in a worksheet, therefore

A.You can automatically apply formatting to a data series

B.You can change the position of a data marker and that automatically changes the data point value in the worksheet

C.You can change a data point value and automatically that is drawn in the chart

D.Both (b) & (c)

In MS-Excel to protect a worksheet, you can choose Protection and the Protect Sheet from the ........... menu


B. Format

C. Tools

D. All of the above

What is the formula for inserting the Random numbers in excel

How to find the current date and time in excel?

What is the table tool for evaluating and analyzing the data?

A.Pie chart

B.Insert Table

C. Insert Chart

D.Pivot Table

Company A is looking into four potential projects and will accept them if the IRR is 10% or above, as shown in cell E2. What is the formula used in cell C2, which can be copied down to cell C3 through C5, to generate the results shown below?





Which of the following Excel features allows you to select/highlight all cells that are formulas?



C.Go To

D.Go To Special