The French and Native Americans

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The French and Native Americans

What impact did the interactions between Europeans and Native Americans have on the Europeans?

The Europeans gained new knowledge and resources

The Europeans lost their cultural identity

The Europeans were expelled from North America

The Europeans were enslaved by Native Americans

What role did fur trade play in the interactions between Europeans and Native Americans?

Fur trade was a major economic activity

Fur trade had no significant impact

Fur trade led to conflicts and wars

Fur trade led to the extinction of certain animal species

Who were the main Native American tribes that the French had relationships with?

Cherokee and Creek

Apache and Navajo

Iroquois and Huron

Sioux and Cheyenne

How was the French relationship with Native Americans different from the English relationship with Native Americans?

They intermarried and lived more closely with Native Americans.

They spent more money trading with Native Americans.

They cared more about religion than the English.

The English did not interact with the Native Americans