Theme 3: Paper 2 (Part 1)

Answer all questions.
Language: English
Subject: Science > Cycles
Age: 11 - 12

Theme 3: Paper 2 (Part 1)

Answer all questions.

1. Match the statements in column A with the correct words in column C and write the answers in the spaces in column B.

2. Write "T" for every true statement and "F" for every false statement in the brackets given.

3. Fill in the blanks using the words given below.

4. Azim placed a thermometer in a glass of hot water. He next took the reading of the thermometer as shown in the diagram below.

4 a. What is the temperature of the water?

4 b. What would happed to the temperature of the water after 15 minutes?

4 c. Briefly explain how this happened.

4 d. Azim next placed a few drops of water on a saucer.

After a few hours, what would happen to the water on the saucer?

4 e. Name this process.

4 f. Give an explanation for the observation in part (4 e).

4 g. Suggest two ways how this process can be sped up.