Types of Production

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Age: 16 - 17

One product or group of products is finished before the next one is started.

A manufacturing process that involves workers making a single, customized product for a customer.

the manufacturing of the same standardised product lines for a long period of time. It uses a high degree of automation or assembly lines to produce standardised goods quickly and efficiently.

A production line runs for a certain amount of time and then machines are stopped and reset before production can continue.

Examples are canned food, clothing, automobiles, dairy products, soft drinks, or basically any good that has an exceptionally high demand.

Examples of products that use this system are: making a wedding dress, building a house or office block, designing and implementing an advertising campaign, catering for a specific function.

Products move along assembly lines or automatic conveyor belts through a series of workstations where various components of the product are made.

The system usually requires a higher level of skilled and specialist labour and general or multi-purpose machinery is used in the production process.

Has a greater degree of flexibility and allows the business to produce many different varieties of products using the same machinery.