English worksheet of flemingo

Fleningo(the last lesson ,The lost spring )
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School grade: India India
Age: 15 - 17

English worksheet of flemingo

Fleningo(the last lesson ,The lost spring )

1. What was Franz's feeling about M. Hamel and the school change ?

Franz felt aorry for not learning his French lessons

He had disliked his tracher

His books seemed to be precious to him

He felt sad at the thought ofHamel's leaving t

2. Which of the following were old friends of Franz ?

1. English books

2.grammar book

3. History of saints

4. Ruler and bags

3. Which of the following idioms might describe the villagers' act of attending the last lesson most accurately?

1 .'Too good to miss'

2.'Too little , too late '

3. ' Too many cooks spoil the broth '

4. ' Too cool for school '

4.'why aren't you wearing chappals ' indicates

1. The tradition of being barefooted

2. Perpetual poverty

3. both 1 and 2

4. The boys were in a hurry

5.who is the author of 'the lost spring '

1. Anees Jung

2. Alphonse Daudet

3. William Douglas.

4. Louis Fischer

6. Saheb was roaming the streets with his friends because he was.

1. Searching for garbage heaps

2. Looking for job

3. Thrown out of the house

4. Mocked by his parents

7. Choose the team which best matches the statement. 'The young men echo the lament of their elders.'

1. Acceptance

2. Reflection

3. Reiteration

4. Doubtfulness

8. Transit homes come up at places where the ragpickers find food and pitch their tents.



9. The new master comes tomorrow means

1. A new german teacher is coming

2. It is sad news for M. Hamel

3. The words were a thunderclap to Franz

4. Nobody was happy with the news

10. 'Foods is more important for survival' reveals that.

1. The squatters found that without food their families could not survive

2. Could the aching stomacha be content without food ?

3. To eke out an existence, food is very very necessary but not the identity of a person

3. Food is more important than identity