Transport in Plant (Simple & Facilitated diffusion)

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Transport in Plant (Simple & Facilitated diffusion)

Simple and facilitated diffusion is a type of _______ transport.

In simple diffusion, molecules diffuse from lower concentration gradient to higher concentration gradient.

Simple diffusion does not require Adenosine triphosphate to transport molecules.

Draw the facilitated diffusion of molecules with the helps of protein carrier protein.

Transport in Plant (Simple & Facilitated diffusion)

In facilitated diffusion, ATP is required to transfer the molecules using the protein channel.

What are the two (2) types of protein that helps the diffusion of molecules in facilitated diffusion?

Carrier protein allow all types and size of molecules to diffuse in the cell.

Give one (1) example of simple diffusion.

Give one (1) example of facilitated diffusion.

What is the difference between simple and facilitated diffusion?