Science Test I - IV Partial

Language: English
Subject: Natural science > Health
School grade: Honduras Honduras > Básica

Science Test I - IV Partial

True or False: Dirty air enters my body if I breath through my nose.

True or False: My body needs rest if I am sick.

When the national flag is old, it should be?

What should you do if the national anthem is played?

Select courtesy words.


excuse me

blah, blah, blah

excuse me


good morning

I am sorry

Match the words with the correct meaning.

To be polite, kind, and responsible.


communicable diseases

Diseases that can be spread.

do exercise

A healthy habit.

Select healthy habits.

visit a doctor regularly

eat junk food

wear clean clothes

eat healthy meals

wear dirty clothes

do exercise

brush your teeth

Make a healthy habit picture.