Test 1 - Voice Lesson Kids

Rhythm matching the main theme of In the Hall of the Mountain King by Greig
Language: English
Subject: Music > Figures and timing
Age: 7 - 8

In the Hall of the Mountain King rhythm match

Drag and drop the rhythms at the bottom of the page to the words they match

We are nasty little trolls

Place rhythm here

Little trolls, little trolls

Place rhythm here

We are nasty little trolls and

Place rhythm here

Now we're after you

Place rhythm here

Correct Standing Posture for Singing

Select the picture for correct singing posture

Drag and drop the correct image in the box here

Select the option describing the correct standing posture for singing

Knees are to be stiff while standing.

Stand with weight on one leg

Stand with kness slightly bend and flexible to move.

Stand with feet close to each other.

Drag And Drop Correct Sight Reading Pattern Corresponding to Each Audio

Join the audio exercise with the correct rhythm pattern.

From the drop down list select the correct option.

1. Stand with feet

width apart.

keep one

a little ahead of the other.

2. Back and spine should be in a



are level and relaxed.


parallel to the floor.

5. Sit at the

edge of the chair.