T4U12 Test Review Part A and B

Language: English
Subject: Math > Algebra
School grade: United States of America United States of America

The table represents the total number of pedestrians P (in thousands) that cross in a crosswalk in New York City in selected years from 2000 through 2017. (Note: t = 0 corresponds to the year 2000.)

A residual plot compares the residual values (dependent variable) to the predicted values. Which of the following residual plots indicate that the regression model is a "good fit" to the data?

Select three residual plots.

The data shown in the table represents the temperature (in Celsius) and revenue collected (in dollars) at a lemonade stand on the beach.

Using the complete set of data (not given), a linear regression model was calculated, where R represents the revenue (in dollars) and T represents the temperature (in degrees Celsius).


When T = 19.8

The observed value is

The predicted value is

The residual value is

The scatter plot and table show the length of a worm over the course of days since birth.

A group of students at Biloxi High participated in a walkathon as part of a fundraiser. Dot plots indicating the distances in miles students from each class walked are as follows.

A class of 10 students spent time studying for a test. The table shows how long each student studied and what they made on the test.

What is the correlation coefficient? Round to the nearest hundredth.

A contractor needs to come up with the equation to use when charging his customers for replacing concrete sidewalks or driveways. He has found that the cost has varied when doing this type of work, so he has put together a table with the square foot of concrete and what he charged his customers.

If the contractor uses a linear regression to approximate relationship between square feet and cost, what is the approximate cost for each additional square foot?