Writing Task (A1) - Diary - My Birthday

Language: English
Subject: English language > Writing
School grade: Singapore Singapore

Listen and copy into your notebook.

I am _________________ because tomorrow is a _____________day.
It's ______________, my birthday!.

I am going to________________ by the pool. All my friends are going to ______________ with me. We are going to ____________ and sing songs.

I am going to to ________________ and Mum is going to cook a lot of ________________..

It's late now. I should ___________.



Write in your diary.
1. When is your birthday?
2. What are you going to do?
3. What are your parents going to do?
4. What are going to happen?

Remember to use "going to"

If your birthday is over
Write in your diary
1. When was your birthday
2. What did you prepare准备
3. How many presents did you get?
4. What did you fee?
5. Did you thank your parents? Why

Remember to use Past Tense

Answer your writing task in your notebook. (80 words)
1. Double space
2. Do word count
3. Upload to Showbie - 3rd March Folder

Essay Correction (My Birthday)

1. Mom is going to cook delecious food.

2. My brother's with me going to playing in the backyard.

3. I am going to early in the morning.

4. All my friends are going to carebrate with me.