In The Kitchen

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In The Kitchen

Master of Kitchens
Alp is a well-known Turkish chef. When he was a little boy, he was fond of being in the kitchen. He graduated from the Department of Gastronomy & Culinary Arts. He stepped into his professional life when he was young. He gained rich experience from different countries. Now, he has his own restaurant. He takes part in each step of preparing, cooking and serving the meal. He marinates, cooks and finally serves meals to his guests. He uses many cooking methods in the kitchen. At the end of his preparation, he seasons the meals. He's so famous that people come to taste his meals from various cities. Moreover, he organizes workshops on cooking and serving tips.

Match the words with their definitions.

to leave the meat in the mixture of oil, vinegar, herbs.



to add salt, peper etc.


a clue, a tactic

a field related to cooking and serving


a practical work on a particular subject

a tip

In The Kitchen

Answer the questions according to the text.

Alp uses no methods in the kitchen.

Answer the questions according to the text.

Where is he graduated from ?