English Year 1 Mid-Year Paper 1 & Paper 2 Practice

Language: English
Subject: English language > Writing
School grade: Brunei Brunei > Sekolah Rendah

English Year 1 Mid-Year Paper 1 & Paper 2 Practice

1. Rewrite the five (5) following sentences.

2. Write the days of the week and a sentence to say what you did each day.

3. Write a postcard to a friend about your holiday.

Remember to use:
- First, Then, After that, Finally
- name and address
- good spelling

4. Rewrite the sentence with correct punctuations.

5. Join these sentences using 'and'.

6. Write a story.
Remember to use:

- your capitalisation and full stops correctly.
- First, Then, After that, Finally

Sample answer:
First Jamal woke up at five o'clock in the morning, filled with excitement for his birthday. He couldn't wait to see his presents. Then he went downstairs for breakfast, where his family greeted him with cheerful shouts of, "Happy Birthday, Jamal!" After breakfast, his dad drove him to school, where his classmates and teachers joined in the celebration. When Jamal finally returned home, he excitedly opened his gift and was so happy to find a brand-new scooter.