English Language Skills Test

Language: English
Subject: English language > Writing
Age: 15 - 16

English Language Skills Test

Reading Part 1

[questions 1-5]

Read the messages and, for each question, choose the correct answer.


Why has Janet sent Daniel a text message?

To tell him that he has to go to the dentist's this week.

To tell him that his dental appointement has been cancelled.

To remind him that he has to book an appointment to see the dentist next Friday.


Why did Jake leave a note for his mum?

To warn her that the keep-fit class has been cancelled because the instructor isn't very well.

To let her know that her friend, Julie, is ill, so che won't be attending the keep-fit class.

To tell her that Julie's got a high temperature and has decided to stay at home tonight.


The second-hand instruments available in this store are more numerous than the new ones.

Here you can only buy instruments that other people have already used.

Instruments that aren't new are not very expensive in this store.


The sign indicates that

you mustn't walk on the floor when it is wet.

if you walk on the floor while they are washing it, you must be careful.

you mustn't walk on the floor while they are washing it because you could make it dirty.


The swimming competition will last for one hour.

All swimmers should get some practice before Saturday.

There is an opportunity to swim before the competition starts.

Reading Part 2

[questions 6-10]

Read the text and, for each question, choose the correct answer.


What is Miguel Diaz doing in the text?

He is describing the part he played in a science project.
He is explaining how to apply for a place on a science trip.
He is giving advice on understanding difficult areas of science.
He is persuading others to organise their own science projects.


What does Miguel say about the ROV?

It was difficult to operate.
It could only go so far under water.
It was an expensive piece of equipment.
It recorded what was happening underwater.


What was Miguel's attitude towards diving?

His main worry was losing sight of the boat.
He enjoyed it less than other parts of the trip.
His feelings changed once he was in the water.
He was quite disappointed by the variety of fish.


What effect has the trip had on Miguel?

It has changed his opinion of science.
It has improved the way he works in a team.
It has made him a lot more interested in the sea.
It has encouraged him to work towards his goals.


What might Miguel write in his diary about the trip?

It was very interesting working with Dr Phillips and his team but I wish someone else my age had been on the trip.

Going to the Flower Gardens was great fun. I now know much more about science but I realise there is still a lot more to learn.

The trip was like a holiday and I saw some amazing fish. The only thing I disliked was collecting information about the sea.

The Flower Gardens is a beautiful place but scientists are worried that pollution levels there will increase.

Reading Part 3

[questions 11-20]

Complete the text with the correct words. Write one word in each space,


Complete the text about how mobile phones have changed our lives. Write ONE word in each space.

Some time ago, if we wanted to call someone, we had to be at home to do so. There

public phones in the streets, but sometimes you had to wait in a queue for

your turn to use them, In addition, you needed to bring a lot of coins to pay

the calls. As a result, people phoned less often

they do today.

Today's mobile phones allow us to

to friends and family wherever we are. They

dramatically changed our behaviour and habits.

Before the age of the

mobile phone, parents used to be more worried when their children were out.

We left notes on fridges or desks

communicate messages.

However, mobile phones have also had some negative effects on our lives. One of

these is the

of our privacy. Today people can get in touch with us wherever and whenever

they want to. It's not so easy to sit in a café and have a conversation without being interrupted by a phone call every few minutes.

One solution would be to

our smartphones at home or turn them

completely. But nobody does that. Most people are

afraid to miss something important

if they don't have their phones with

at all times.

Listening Part 1

[questions 1-5]

Getting in shape

You will hear a girl talking about her plans to keep fit.
The text has been divided into paragraphs. You can listen to each paragraph more than once.
Choose the correct answer for each question.

1) How is the girl trying to improve her health?
By eating more vegetables.
By exercising.
By cooking at home.
By lifting weights.

2) Why did she stop working out?
She had an ankle injury.
She went on a vacation.
She didn't like exercising.
She began working longer hours.

4) What is the exercise for Thursday?

3) Where does she want to exercise?
At a gym.
At home.
At the office.

5) How does she stay motivated?
By keeping a diary.
By doing different exercises.
By telling friends about her progress.
By exercising with friends.

Listening Part 2

[questions 6-10]

Science Museum Visit

You will hear a student called Emma giving a presentation to her class about a science museum she visited.

Complete the sentences. Write ONE word in each space.

Emma’s favourite room was the one about

You don’t have to

for the entrance to the museum, but you need to get

tickets for the special exhibitions.

The exhibition about

hasn't opened yet.

Emma bought a

set at the shop inside the museum.

Emma and her family decided not to take the guided tour because it started about

minutes later.

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