B1 - My Happiest Moment Phrases - Cloze Text (Reading)

Language: English
Subject: English language > Writing
School grade: Singapore Singapore

Cloze Text

Sarah and Lily were best friends who lived next door to each other. They shared everything and spent most of their time together. But recently, Sarah had been ______________because she had gotten into _______________ at school for not paying attention in class.

Lily noticed Sarah's worries and decided to do something special to make her friend______________________. She "You had better not fail the subject" - soon this became Sarah's mother's daily prayer. Sarah was getting unhappy because of this. Then, Lily came up with a plan. She invited Sarah over to her house one evening.

When Sarah arrived, Lily revealed her surprise – a homemade study kit to help Sarah _________________ better. It included colorful pens, notebooks, and even a puzzle to take breaks with. Sarah was moved to tears and hugged Lily tightly.

"This is incredible, Lily! You've solved my problem," Sarah exclaimed.

They spent hours studying together, and Sarah finally _______________that learning could be fun. They laughed, shared stories, and made studying enjoyable. In that moment, Sarah's worries were forgotten, and she felt truly ecstatic with joy.

Their friendship, ______________ by trust and support, grew stronger. Sarah's grades improved, and she knew that with Lily by her side, they could overcome any challenge. Lily knew that her motivation will not ____________________ with such a helpful friend around.

stressed out


ecstatic with joy


puzzle out


last a moment

1. Do you think Lily is a great friend? Why?

2. Why was Sarah moved to tears?