7.25.M - Lesson: Quotation Marks, Commas, and Plagiarism Review

Language: English
Subject: English language > Writing
Age: 12 - 13

7.25.M - Lesson: Quotation Marks, Commas, and Plagiarism Review

One way we can cite sources is by

What are the things we put around a quote?



quotation marks

question marks

Rewrite the quote, adding the proper punctuation marks and a dialogue tag stating whose words are being used.

There is no substitute for hard work. (Thomas Edison)

You will use the words said/commented/declared and quotation marks.

When is another time quotation marks are used?

Plagiarism Review

What are the two ways to avoid plagiarism?

A summary contains the _________ from a source.

A ________ contains the main idea and the supporting details from a source.

Which is longer, a paraphrase or a summary?

What differences do you notice between the summary and paraphrase? 

The summary:

The paraphrase:

Read "What do the summary and paraphrase have in common? Keep in mind the following checklist as you write your own summary and paraphrase note cards," and highlight the things on the checklist as you go.

T/F: You should put as many quotation marks into a paragraph as you can, so you only have to write very little.