Review 2nd term

Language: English
Subject: English language > Vocabulary
School grade: Colombia Colombia


The bear is ________ the basket.

The yellow car is _____ the blocks.

The basket is _______ the door.

The red-white ball is ______ the yellow and yellow-white ball.


Kids _____ in the pool.

Kids _____ in their bed when they are tired.

Kids ____ when they see something funny.

kids ____ with toys.

Kids _____ songs.


Por favor escribe el nombre de la comida correcta.

A green fruit that is sour and you can make lemonade from it.

It can be dark or white, it's sweet and can be eaten as a dessert.

It's a salty meal. It has sauce and can be eaten with a fork.

It's cold and frozen. You can eat it with a spoon or a cone. It's sweet.

It's salty and white. You can eat it at the movie theaters.

Escucha el audio, y segun lo que hayas escuchado, escoge una de las dos opciones. I like o I don't like.

I like

I don't like

Mira los dibujos, y escoge si es My o Your