Prueba de English

Language: English
Subject: English language > Vocabulary
School grade: Nicaragua Nicaragua

Prueba de English


What is the importance of communication in friendships?

A. It is not important

B. It can lead to misunderstandings

C. It helps in building trust and understanding

D. It is only necessary in new friendships

How can friends resolve conflicts effectively?

A. By avoiding each other

B. By communicating openly and listening to each other

C. By always agreeing with each other

D. By involving more people in the conflict

What is a key element in maintaining long-lasting friendships?

A. Spending lots of money on gifts

B. Being always right

C. Trust and loyalty

D. Having the same interests

Why is empathy important in friendships?

A. It is not important

B. It helps in understanding and supporting friends

C. It leads to competition among friends

D. It creates distance between friends

How can friends show appreciation for each other?

A. By criticizing each other

B. By ignoring each other

C. By expressing gratitude and kindness

D. By being envious of each other

What role does trust play in friendships?

A. It is not necessary

B. It leads to conflicts

C. It is essential for strong and lasting relationships

D. It creates distance between friends

Why is it important to maintain boundaries in friendships?

A. It limits the friendship

B. It creates misunderstandings

C. It helps in respecting each other's space and feelings

D. It leads to closer relationships

How can friends support each other during tough times?

A. By being indifferent

B. By offering emotional support and being there for each other

C. By blaming each other

D. By competing with each other

What is the impact of honesty in friendships?

A. It destroys friendships

B. It builds trust and strengthens relationships

C. It is not necessary

D. It leads to misunderstandings

How can friends maintain a balance in their friendships?

A. By always being dependent on each other

B. By giving each other space and independence

C. By avoiding each other

D. By controlling each other