New Vocabulary from the 5th November class

Language: English
Subject: English language > Vocabulary
Age: 15 - 16


What does he do?

What does she do?

He makes men's clothes. He's a...

She makes women's clothes. She's a...

How much money have you got in your


The money you get from you parents every week or month is your

The woman put the money in her

- What have you just found? - I've found a

Greta has just bought a new

She often

for clothes.

The fridge is empty. We need to


One day while we were on holiday we

for souvenirs.

My mum has bought a new

and she has already

the floor with it.

Ellie has prepared a cake. Now she has to


The main street of a town, and the traditional site for most shops, banks, and other businesses, is called