Let's understand!

Language: English
Subject: English language > Vocabulary
School grade: Peru Peru > Secundaria > 3º grado
Age: 14 - 15


Let's Practice: Listening Comprehension

I. Listen to Alberto's presentation and choose: true or false.

1. Alberto’s favourite celebration is The Festival of San Juan.

2. The Festival of San Juan is celebrated only in Iquitos.

3. The Festival of San Juan is in August.

4. In this celebration, there are colourful parades and amazing costumes.

5. In this celebration, most people go to restaurants to eat.

6. In this celebration, some people participate in the parades and wear traditional costumes.


II. Match the parts of paragraph.

2. Supporting sentences

1. Topic sentence.

Bob lives in London. he wakes up and has a shower. Then he makes breakfast. After, He works in an office in the center of London. He sits in front of the computer all day and writes emails. All in all, he doesn't like his life.

3. Concluding sentence

III. what are the characteristics of a paragraph?

(write the answer)