Analyzing Synonyms

Language: English
Subject: English language > Vocabulary
Age: 12 - 13

Valle Verde School


Mafer Aparicio/Ceci Ríos

6th Grade

Analyzing Synonyms

Read the following sentences, pay attention to every single word and choose the best definition for the selected word.

1. All winged creeping things that have four legs were equally abominable, most of us thought they were awful.


2. After you demolish your kitchen to completely remodel it, take some of the broken pieces and make a work of art to place it as decoration.


3. Her goal was to acquire as many cards as she could, but her sister got more than her.


4. Cameron thinks it is improper for a teacher to sit on the table during lessons; it's just as rude as ignoring their students.


5. The town is of peculiar structure and aspect, many people think it is strange, but I like it a lot.


6. Let's not think of unpleasant things right now, no one needs to think of terrible situations.


7. The instruction was not very accurate, you may not understand it because it is not clear.


8. You can be thankful they didn't damage the tires, the rest of the car is totally destroyed.


9. Babies are pleased with anything that makes noise, they like weird and unknown sounds.


10. We may conclude with a brief reference to the most important aspects of the topic, so we can finish the presentation