2nd Grade Science Quiz Lesson 3,4,5

Language: English
Subject: English language > Vocabulary
Age: 8 - 9

2nd Grade Science Quiz Lesson 3,4,5

A tool is

Something that is used to do work.

What you observe.


Measures temperature

Measures how long something is.


Measures how long something is

Used to protect eyes.

Safety Goggles

Used to see if an object is made of certain materials.

Used to protect your eyes


Used to measure how long something is.

Used to see if an object is made of certain materials.

Stopwatch or Timer

Measures how long something takes

Measures weather

Pan Balance

Measures how much mass an object has

Measures volume

Measuring Cup

Measures volume

Measures mass

Select which of these are SAFETY TIPS

Listen to your teacher´s instructions.

Never taste or smell materials.

Wear safety goggles.

Tie your hair back when needed.

Handle tools carefully.

Keep your workplace neat and clean.

Record the steps.

Clean up spills immediately.

Wash your hands well after every activity.

Get answers

A conclusion is:

A Hypothesis:


The steps of the SCIENTIFIC METHOD are:

Ask a question

Make your hypothesis

Play a game

Plan a fair test

Do your test

Collect and record your data

Go home

Tell your conclusion

What are the different ways of collecting and sharing data

Tally Chart

Picture Chart

Bar Graph