True or False

Language: English
Subject: English language > Sentences
Age: 10 - 11
Tags: white

Si Tangkas

Write True or False for each statement carefully

1. Si Tangkas hop from tree to tree and throwing coconuts down to the ground.

2. Most of the villagers worked as a farmer.

3. Si Tangkas is a small and cowardly monkey.

4. Si Tangkas only plucked the young coconut.

5. Grandfather lived at Kampong Katok.

6. Grandfather liked to go for a walk around the village with his father.

7. Si Tangkas plucked the coconuts every two months.

8. Si Tangkas was taught to climb coconut trees when he was young.

9. Si Tangkas could climb up to 60 coconut trees a day.

10. To keep Si Tangkas from being ill, he has to take a shower.