Idioms and phrasal verb test july

Language: English
Subject: English language > Sentences
School grade: Colombia Colombia

Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

1)I went to the park with my dog and I

an old friend from school.

2)You have been absent so many times that you are really behind in your school work.

You need to start

if you want to pass this class.

3)I don't think I can marry him anymore, I'm in love with somebody else.

I'm giong to

the wedding.

4) A.Steve is such a liar. I can't believe you asked him for advice.

B. I never asked him for advice.

he's the last person I would ask.

You can´t say anything to her. She loses her temper

That was my favorite restaurant, I can´t believe they

5)While I was surfing the internet I

a nice and cheap gym close to my house.

6)Stop being a

get up, stop watching TV and do something.

7)I am so tired and I didn´t understand anything the teacher was saying, so I

for half of the class.

8)Tonight is Mary´s birthday party. Are you

for the party?

9)What are you

as for Halloween?

10)A. Tomorrow I have to be at work early, I can´t take the kids to school.

B. Don´t worry, I can

before I go to work.

11)I don´t think I can continue going to to school anymore, it is just not for me.


at the end of the semester.

12)Bye Michael, thank you so much for everything and I hope to see you soon.

Let me know when you go to Florida so we can meet up.

13)They are

and don´t want to choose between both options.

I don´t feel like cooking tonight, lets

If you continue not paying your taxes, you will

in jail.

You are

in your classes.

You need to

soon if you want to graduate.

Remember that you need to

all the blanks.

Don´t forget to

the form.

You can ____ tomorrow without making an appointment.

I love my grandfather. I really _____ him.

She was so happy, but suddenly _____ she decided to leave.

I am working at the cafe today. You can ___ and pick up the money.