Social interactions and communication styles (pre-class)

Language: English
Subject: English language > Reading comprehension
School grade: Spain Spain > Otros

The video below is about 4 communication styles depicted in the picture. Before you watch it, how do you think the people who have these different communication styles tend to communicate and behave?

Now watch the video and check your ideas.

Watch the video again and tick the correct characteristics for each style.



they can set and protect their boundaries

they can be two-faced

they can make others feel at ease

they don't beat around the bush

they tend to speak in riddles

they let others to step on their rights

they pick on people

they don't have a strong opinion



they have no filter

they put others' interests first

they may seem compliant but are manipulative or belligerent

they tend to cut people short

they might be reluctant to voice their opinions

they can stand up for themselves

they prefer to mutter or give the silent treatment instead of confronting you

they tend to rant and rave