Second Children

Language: English
Subject: English language > Reading comprehension
Age: 10 - 11

Do you like maths?

Yes, I do

Yes, I can

How many desks are

 there in the classroom?

At evening. 

There are fifteen.

What day of the week is


It's  five  o'clock. 

It's Tuesday.

When have you got


On Thursday, 

We read books.  

What's your favourite




Where do you live?

Yes, I am.

I  live  near  the   


How old are you?

I'm ten. 

Yes, I am. 

Who is that boy?

He is my friend Matt. 

Yes, I love it. 

What classes have you

 got now?

I live near the school. 

I have got my 

English class. 

Do you  like   science?

Yes, I am. 

Yes, I love it.