Reading Comprehension

Language: English
Subject: English language > Reading comprehension
School grade: Mexico Mexico

Reading Comprehension

Click the word "story" below to open the story

write "OK" as an answer

1. Carla didn´t want to go to Mrs. Quevedo house, why?

because she was lazy

because she heard some scary stories about Mrs. Quevedo

because she thinks Mrs. Quevedo was a bad person

because she didn´t want to help

2. why did the girls go to Mrs. Quevedo house for?

because they had to investigate the rumors aboutMrs. Quevedo

because they often like to visit Mrs. Quevedo and have a milkshake

because Mrs. Quevedo hurts her back

because they are helping Mrs. Quevedo cleaning her yard

3. How was Maria´s atittude?

she was impolite and rude

she was cheerful, positive and optimistic

she was nervous and pesimistic

she was kind and polite

4. How was Carla´s atittude?

she was nervous and rude

she was frightened but polite

she was happy and kind

she was helpful and sad

5. Why was the window covered up?

because Mrs. Quevedo was hiding bad things

because Mrs. Quevedo didn´t want anybody to look inside

because it was necessary for her health

because she was a photographer was important for her job.

6. Where does the story takes place?

write your answer adding as many details as you can.

7. what´s the main idea of the story?

write your answer

8. write one detail of the story.

write your answer using as many details as possible

9. write a second detail of the story