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Language: English
Subject: English language > Reading comprehension
School grade: Brazil Brazil

Mark the TRUE sentences

The introduction of new software by Apple aims to help users with safety.

Some researchers claim that smartphones have directly caused a spike in anxiety and depression among teenagers.

There is direct evidence from longitudinal studies proving that excessive smartphone use causes mental illness in teenagers.

The text suggests that smartphones may serve as an escape for teenagers from feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.

The text suggests that simply reducing screen time may not address the root causes of adolescent anxiety.

Read the text again and answer the following questions:

What is the main focus of the new software introduced by Apple?

What does the text propose as a more comprehensive solution to addressing adolescent anxiety?

What is the common thread running across most types of anxiety, as mentioned in the text?

Is it correct to say that the text implies that smartphones are inherently harmful to nurturing fulfilling relationships? Justify.

According to the text, what are some societal factors contributing to adolescent anxiety?