Let's understand!

Language: English
Subject: English language > Reading comprehension
School grade: Peru Peru > Secundaria > 3º grado
Age: 14 - 15

A) Watch the video of Inti Raymi: The Festival of the Sun

B) Watch the video of The Festival de la Marinera


Let's understand!

Understand-exercise 1.

A: Write A, B or C.

C. Inti Raymi and Festival de la Marinera.

A. Inti Raymi

B. Festival de la Marinera.


It is a traditional festival from the coast of Peru.


1. It is a traditional festival from the Incas.

2. People participate in dance competition in this festival.

3. People participate in different ways in this festival.

4. This festval celebrate the sun.

5. In this festival, children particpate too.

6. Many tourists come and see this festival.

7. There are colourful parades in this festival.

8. This festival we can celebrate in Trujillo.

B. Choose a) or b).

1. The word "colourful" means:

a) It has one colour.

b) It has different colours.

2. The word "parade" means:

a) A public procession to celebrate a festival.

b) A private festival.



1. People celebrate it in June.c

2. Pepople celebrate it in January.c

3. It means "Fiesta del Sol".

Festival de la Marinera

Inti Rymi

4. It celebrates a national dance.

6. It is a festival from Cusco.

5. It is a festival from Trujillo.