The Pronoun feedback

Language: English
Subject: English language > Pronoun
Age: 10 - 11

The Pronoun (feedback)

A. Replace the noun with its corresponding subject personal pronoun.

Karol plays the keyboard.

Angie and Gabe eat out weekly.

Fred works out at 07:00 a.m.

The dog sleeps in the back yard.

Pedro and I jog in the evening.

B. Choose the correct pronoun and complete these sentences.

Ana is a school Math teacher.

is 25 years old.

lives with

roomie, Adam.

Adam is 29.

is a mechanical engineer.

walks with

dog, Max.

Max plays with

blue ball in the morning.

C. Complete these sentences with the corresponding pronoun.

book is green.

(you / your)

(my/mine) , ( hers/her)

This purple scarf is


will call


(him/he), (we/us)

house is new.


The big, green car is


D. Choose the correct demonstrative pronoun.


favorite dessert.


blue coats.

navy jacket is


gray wooden tables are


big black watch

yellow roses over there for

E. Arrange the following sentences.

1. her is/ favorite pop singer/This/

2. are/ red spanish/ stilettos/those/her

3. meet/we/will/him/morning/tomorrow.

4. apartment/ bigger than/ ours/ his/is.

5. mobile/your/less/than/expensive/mine/is.