Pronouns - He, She and It

Language: English
Subject: English language > Pronoun
School grade: Singapore Singapore

Pronouns - He, She and It

The boy is in school. _____ is doing his work.

Phoebe is sick. _____ is not in school today.

The cat is chasing the bird. _____ is very fast.

Teacher Lycia is tired. _____ needs to rest.

The policeman is over there. _____ is wearing a blue uniform.

Oh no! I dropped my water bottle. _____ is broken.

My shirt is green and has three buttons. _____ is my favourite shirt.

Jessica likes to tie her hair. _____ likes to use flower hair clips too.

Skyler fell down. _____ is in pain.

The toy is in the leisure cabinet. I can play with _____ on Friday.