Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 8

Language: English
Subject: English language > Literature
Age: 9 - 10

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 8

“I’m a gum chewer, normally,” she shouted, “but when I heard about
these ticket things of Mr Wonka’s, I gave up gum and started on
chocolate bars in the hope of striking lucky. Now, of course, I’m back on
gum. I just adore gum. I can’t do without it. I munch it all day long
except for a few minutes at mealtimes when I take it out and stick it
behind my ear for safekeeping. To tell you the truth, I simply wouldn’t
feel comfortable if I didn’t have that little wedge of gum to chew on every
moment of the day, I really wouldn’t. My mother says it’s not ladylike
and it looks ugly to see a girl’s jaws going up and down like mine do all
the time, but I don’t agree. And who’s she to criticize, anyway, because
if you ask me, I’d say that her jaws are going up and down almost as
much as mine are just from yelling at me every minute of the day.”

Above there is a piece of text. Match the words or expressions with their meanings. Try to figure them out based on the context from the text.

strike lucky


be back on something


can't do without ...

kawałek gumy


mieć szczęście


jak dama

wedge of gum

wrócić do czegoś

nie poradzić sobie bez czegoś


How long has been Violet chewing her gum so far?

5 months

3 months

6 months

Who won the fourth Golden Ticket? What do you know about this person?