Taylor Swift: A Musical Journey

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Age: 18 - 25

Taylor Swift: A Musical Journey

What was Taylor Swift's first number-one hit song?

a. Look What You Made Me Do

b. Shake It Off

c. Blank Space

Where does Taylor Swift write all of her songs?

Which music video did Taylor Swift film on her cell phone?

a. Blank Space

b. Lover

c. Style

d. Shake It Off

4. What is the title track of Taylor Swift's seventh studio album?

a. Blank Space

b. You Need To Calm Down

c. Lover

d. Shake It Off

Who acquired the rights to Taylor Swift's previous recordings?

Where did Taylor Swift's family move to help her pursue a music career?

a. Nashville

b. Los Angeles

c. New York City

d. London

What is the name of the song that Taylor Swift wrote about her mother's battle with cancer?

Who is Taylor Swift dating in the video?

a. Joe Jonas

b. Harry Styles

c. Joe Alwyn

d. Tom Hiddleston

How far ahead does Taylor Swift typically plan?

What activity does Taylor Swift say that she can't do when she thinks too far ahead?

a. Singing

b. Dancing

c. Breathing

d. Being grateful