Talking about Hobbies

Language: English
Subject: English language > Listening
Age: 11 - 12

Talking about Hobbies

1. Which is not John's hobby?



watching science fiction movies

collecting stamps

2. What is Olivia's favourite hobby?

reading travel books

reading magazines

reading comic books

reading historical books

What are John's hobbies?

What does Kevin love doing in his free time?

He loves watching TV.

Ho loves reading comic books.

He loves working out.

He loves listening to music.

Who did sign up for the book club?

Anne and Kevin

John and Anne

Olivia and Kevin

John and Olivia

Which club did John join?

He joined Science Club.

He joined Book Club.

He joined Photography Club.

He joined English Club

Why did John change his mind about joining another club?

Because It was tough, and had many projects to do.

Because the other members were really strict.

Because he didn't like.

Because he preferred Math.

How many girls are there in the conversation?

There are one girls

There are two boys

There are two girls.

There are three girls.

How many people in total?

There are two boys.

There are two girls.

There are four people.

There are five people.

What is your favourite hobby?