Travelling Grammar Exercises

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Travelling Grammar Exercises


Match the following words with their definition.

A list of places to visit or things to do on a trip


The process of getting on a plane, train, or ship


The act of leaving a place, such as an airport or a train station


A document issued by a government that allows a person to travel outside of the country


A mode of transportation on a ship that takes people on a vacation to different ports of call


Present Perfect vs. Past Simple

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets:

1. I __________ (visit) New York twice last year.
2. We __________ (not/book) a hotel yet for our trip to Paris next month.
3. She __________ (travel) to Europe many times in her life.
4. He __________ (lose) his passport at the airport yesterday.
5. They __________ (not/be) on a cruise before.

Prepositions of Place

1. We're staying ______ a hotel ________ the city center.

a. in / at

b. at / in

c. in / in

d. at / on

Prepositions of Place

2. The train station is ________ the airport.

a. next to

b. across from

c. between

d. above

Prepositions of Place

3. She's going to meet her friend _______ the entrance ________ the museum.

a. at / to

b. by / of

c. in / on

d. at / of

Prepositions of Place

4. The bus leaves _______ 8 o'clock _______ the morning.

a. at / in

b. on / at

c. at / on

d. in / on

Prepositions of Place

5. The beach is _______ the hotel, just a short walk _______ the street.

a. behind / along

b. in front of / over

c. near / around

d. beside / down