Subject and Predicate

Language: English
Subject: English language > Grammar
School grade: Philippines Philippines

1. What is the subject for the sentence below? Write down your answer.

The dog jumped over the high fence.

True or False?

I was warm in my bed because of my fuzzy blanket.

4. Three strikes, and you are out. What is the subject?

5. The internet was not working. Write down the complete predicate...

6. Sam and his dog ran on the beach. Which of the following is the complete predicate?

7. Mr. Hansen teaches the class. Write down the correct subject.

8. Heather was puzzled by the complicated math problem. Find the subject.

9. The subject is...

10. Garrett is as white as a ghost. What's the complete predicate?

11. Kites had many different uses in the past. The underlined word is the:

12. Add the right Subject

_____ are soaring over the treetops.