Sports Today

Language: English
Subject: English language > Grammar
Age: 16 - 17

Sports Today

1. Selecciona la opción correcta para cada caso. 

1. Swimming instructions ____ ______ offered to novices by the lifeguard.

a. Had being

b. were being

c. is been

2. Baseball bats ___ ____ to the players by the sponsor.

a. are given

b. was give

c. were given

3. ___ gymnastics equipment provided to the team by the school?

a. It

b. Was

c. Is

4. Volleyball ___ ___ taught to students by professional coaches.

a. are not

b. are

c. is not

5. Athletics awards ____ ____ given to competitors by the officials.

a. are being

b. were being

c. is been

6. ___ had not been set up by the event organizers (Volleyball nets).

a. It

b. Is

c. Was

7. Volleyball lessons ____ ____ provided to students by the coach.

a. are being

b. is been

c. was being

8. Soccer kits ___ ___ been distributed to the teams by the association.

a. has

b. had not

c. have not

9. ____ judo skills been demonstrated to the class by the sensei?

a. Have

b. It

b. Has

10. Boxing techniques ____ explained to beginners by the trainer.

a. was

b. is

c. were

2. Escucha el siguiente audio y responde las preguntas con base en el mismo. 

1. What is provided to young soccer players by experienced coaches?

2. What are won by Colombian cyclists regularly?

3. What is built for young baseball athletes by the government?

4. What are produced by Colombia with hard training and community support?

5. What is provided to students by their schools for volleyball?

6. What has been organized by sports clubs in tennis?

7. What is encouraged by schools in track and field events?

a) Special equipment
b) Facilities
c) Athlete participation

8. What is provided to children by trained instructors in swimming?

3. Une cada imágen con su oración en voz pasiva correspondiente 

Colombian Sports

Special equipment is provided to the volleyball players by the school.

Trophies are presented to the soccer players by the coach.

Medals were given to the athletes

Encouragement is being given to the cyclists by the spectators during the competition.

Medalls are given to the swimmers by the event organizer.