Second Conditional Activity 2

Language: English
Subject: English language > Grammar
School grade: Mexico Mexico

Second Conditional Activity 2

match the two sentences halves

if I found a wallet on the street

if i lost my notebook

if you dropped a vase

if I failed the exam

I would have to find a new one

I would be angry

if I lost my job

would you come with us?

it would break into small pieces

if we went to italy

I studied a lot for the exam and I would be very surprised

I would try to find the owner

choose the correct option


if I win the lottery, I will buy a new house

if I won the lottery, I would buy a new house


I would have to walk everywhere if I sold my car

I will have to walk everywhere if I sell my car


if I saw Sarah, I would tell her to call you

if I see Sarah, I´ll tel her to call you


If there was a fire in my house, I would call the firefighters

if there would be a fire in my house, I call the firefighters


I wouldn`t know what to do if I lost my passport

I don`t know what to do if I lose my passport

I would be vey scared if somebody ______ a gun to me

if Max ____ early, he_______ on time

the cake _____ ready by night if we _____ now

if she ____ the job, she _____ very happy