Revision ( vocabulary and grammar)

Language: English
Subject: English language > Grammar
School grade: Ukraine Ukraine

Revision ( vocabulary and grammar)

Match the sentences

I know you are angry

to let of steam

I'm sorry I shouted , I just needed

to put things into perspective.

Even you're dissapointed about lossing

try to put a barve face on it

Thinking about long -term plans can help

but there is no need to lash out at me

We were dissapointed to finish the last, to put it________

Complete with one word

I feel sorry, but to be ______, it's your fault.

We tried our best,but to cut a long story _____,it didn't work for us.

Many farmers are __________to more traditional agricultural practicies.



Recent changes in the composition of workplace look__________ to continue.



There is a _________trend in the number of people to having large families.



This meeting is a chance for us to _______ideas around for a new project launch.

Whose _____idea was not to lock the door?

I've had a __________- let's forget about studying and go to the beach.