Present Tenses

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Subject: English language > Grammar
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Present Tenses

What is the definition?

The light from the Sun takes 8 mins 20 sees to reach the Earth. PRESENT SIMPLE

action happening right now

I work in an office and live in a flat in the suburbs. PRESENT SIMPLE

permament facts

I usually take the bus to work. PRESENT SIMPLE

a single action that is repeated

In Chapter 1, Susan meets David, and agrees to go to the school dance with him. PRESENT SIMPLE

situations that are generally true

I'm doing the washing-up. PRESENT CONTINUOUS

exaggerating or complaining

I'm reading one of the Harry Potter books at the moment. PRESENT CONTINUOUS

summary of the events in a narrative

At the moment I'm working from home, because my office is being renovated. PRESENT CONTINUOUS

actions which are temporary and not yet finished

Whenever I see Tom he's smoking. PRESENT CONTINUOUS

habits and routines

You're always borrowing money from me! PRESENT CONTINUOUS

Temporary situations