Present Simple Story

Language: English
Subject: English language > Grammar
Age: 9 - 10

Present Simple

My Pet Dog

Having a pet dog is a lot of fun! Let me tell you about my dog and what he does every day.

My dog's name is Max. He is a friendly golden retriever. Every morning, Max_ ___ (wake) me up with his wet nose and wagging tail. He ___ (lick) my face and ___ (wait) for me to get out of bed.

After I ___ (get) up, Max and I ___ (go) for a walk in the park. He ___ (sniff) around and ___ (chase) after squirrels. Sometimes, he ___ (find) sticks and ___ (bring) them back to me to throw.

When we ___ (come) back home, Max ___ (drink) water and ___ (eat) his breakfast. Then, he ___ (curl) up in his bed and ___ (take) a nap.

In the afternoon, Max ___ (play) with his favorite toy. He ___ (run) around the yard and ______ (fetch) the ball. Sometimes, he ___ (bark) at the mailman or ___ (chase) butterflies.

In the evening, Max _______ (snuggle) with me on the couch while we ___ (watch) TV. He ___ (fall) asleep with his head on my lap.

At night, Max ____ (sleep) in his bed next to mine. He ____ (dream) of chasing rabbits and squirrels.

Having Max as my pet is the best thing ever!