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Language: English
Subject: English language > Grammar
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Present Simple
Positive, Negative, Questions

Please write the correct verb tense and in the correct person for each sentence.

He _____ what he would do in our place. (Know)

Because I _____, you will live also. (live)

She ______ him, but he doesn't love her. (love)

This is the way I ______. (talk)

The wind ______ with the sun. (rises and falls).

IF you _____ the money, you have to do the work. (want)

What she _____ is that she can't go to the party. (mean)

They _____ a leader after finishing the course. (become)

He _____ a teacher after many years.

Please write the correct answer in negative form.

My sister ______ play golf.

We ____ go by train

You ____ have a car.

It _____ rain in summer.

Crocodiles _____ live in the sea.

Please write the sentence in question form

She doesn't like English.

You don't have a car, so you have to take the bus.

She sings in the shower.

They are ready to start the meeting.