HN3 Unit 4 test (Copia)

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Subject: English language > Grammar
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HN3 Unit 4 test (Copia)

Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.

If you want more leg room, choose an/a _________ window seat.



We’re planning to drive down to the south of France, but we’ll _______ in Paris on the way.

set off

stop off

There’s a real problem with traffic ____________ - it takes so long to get anywhere!



There are so many______________ from the traffic - you can smell the diesel in the air.



They left their baggage _________ and someone has taken it away!



Complete the text with the missing word or phrase. The first letters are given.

I’ve just got back from the trip of a 0) lifetime, backpacking around Japan with a group of friends. It’s not a place where I’d ever thought of going, but when my best friend Laura suggested we go there after college, I thought why not grab the opportunity while I can. We spent several weeks looking at guidebooks and reading travellers’ blogs so we could plan an interesting 1) r_____.

Finally, it was
time to go and we took a 2) d________f_________
from London to Tokyo, which took twelve hours - luckily, I slept most of the journey.

A lot of people recommended spending time in Tokyo or Kyoto, but we decided to go off the 3) b_______t_____as well - to get an
idea of what Japan is like away from the usual tourist trails. We had quite a bit of time in the mountains Wakayama, and in the wilds of Hokkaido, where organised tourism was almost non-existent!

We had to do everything for ourselves, which was a fantastic experience. We didn’t really want to leave Hokkaido and its beautiful clean 4) e________ .

Not like Osaka, which we travelled through later. The 5) s ____there was terrible - it was actually hard to breathe!

Find the mistakes and write the correct sentences. One sentence is correct (Mark "Ok")

0) Paul, who car is parked outside, works at the museum.
Paul, whose car is parked outside, works at the museum.

1) Mum bought me a phone which it was easy to use.

Have you looked at the map I brought?

Sasha who is one of the most experienced travellers went to Thailand.

Can you tell me how you are so late?

This is the book what I got in Holland.

Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.

Someone _________ warn the guests not to drink the tap water.

He ______ swim yet - he’s only three.

Since we arrived, I _______________ get a phone signal.

______________you tell me how you say this in Spanish?

I’m really sorry but you __________ speak during the performance.

Complete the text with one word in each gap.

This week at college we’ve been discussing the impact of cars in cities and thinking about possible solutions. It’s part of an environmental science project 0) which I’m taking this term. Our hometown is quite progressive really. There are a lot of areas where you aren’t 1) __________to drive except for emergencies, and car-sharing is quite usual.

I don’t know 2)____________ideas those were, but they
have worked. However, there is more to be done.

Probably the most important step to begin with is to get people to stop and think before they set 3)___________on a journey.

Do they actually need to take their car, or 4) ________they walk?

We’ve all become used to being part of a car culture, but we 5)__________ to change what we do to really make a difference.

Complete the second sentence using the word in bold so that it means the same as the first one.
Do not change the word in bold. Use no more than four words including the word in bold.
0) - Could you tell me your name please, sir?
- HAVE -
- May I have your name, please?

- It’s not possible for passengers to sit in these seats.
- MAY -
Passengers _____________________in these seats.

2) Paul can’t hire a motorbike as he doesn’t have a licence.
Paul hasn’t got a licence so he ________________________ hire a motorbike.

3) Let’s get directions to the station.
Let’s _______________________to the station.

4) Someone has to tell the passengers about this.
We __________________________the passengers know about this.

5) Scot gave me a locally published guide book.
Scot gave me this book _________________________locally.

Formal letter

Read the article and choose the correct answer a, b, c, or d.

Happy holidays?
My name’s Tony Law, and I’m a travel journalist. In the last few months I’ve been looking at changes in the industry, and how different holiday destinations are dealing with those changes. As we live in tougher economic times, people try to save money as much as possible. This is definitely true when it comes to travelling abroad. Rather than stay in expensive hotels, many of us now use the services of companies such as Airbnb to rent a room in a private home, which allows us to reduce the cost of travel. However, more and more popular tourist destinations are changing their laws about short-term lets - to make sure that people can only allow tourists to stay in their homes for a limited time. So, how is this going to affect travel and tourism? Here are two views on this kind of tourism and its impact:
Miriam, backpacker
I can see that a lot of people would find it frustrating to have loads of tourists taking over a town, but you have to be realistic, don’t you? As long as tourists respect your country, you should respect them. Tourism really contributes to a city’s economy. For example, I read that in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, flat owners earn about £4,000 for renting out their apartments for 40 days of the year. And that’s just for accommodation. Think about the tourist spending that goes into the local economy - money spent on entertainment, local restaurants, and public transport. That all raises funds for local governments. And tourists love to go off the beaten track, too. When they feel welcome, they are likely to grab the opportunity to escape the crowds and visit other smaller places that are within easy reach. That means it’s not just big businesses that make money, everyone benefits - people living in the countryside as well as popular cities. On top of that, cheaper accommodation helps young people to travel - we can’t afford to stay in hotels which charge a fortune each night. Destinations should try to encourage more young people to come, they are the future of your tourist industry.
Charles, resident of Barcelona
So, sometimes tourists can be a bit of a pain - stopping you to ask the way, taking up seats with backpacks on public transport. But to be honest, most of them are polite and show a real interest in our city and its culture. What annoys me is the way that so many apartments have become places to stay on holiday, instead of family homes. Property prices have gone up and locals can’t afford to live in the city centre anymore. What are the young people going to do? Look at neighbourhoods like the Old Town. In 2015, 9.6% of all homes there were listed as holiday apartments - and in the historical Gothic Quarter section of the Old Town this proportion jumped to 16.8%. There’s the issue of noise pollution, too. I can remember being young, and wanting to have a good time, but you can’t do whatever you want just because you’re on holiday. Tourists should realize that they are in a living city, not just a tourist destination. They should keep it quiet late at night.


Tony points out that

fewer people take holidays than in the past

holidays are cheaper than they used to be.

people try to spend less when on holiday.

people are choosing not to holiday abroad.

Miriam suggests that people should welcome

as they usually respect their hosts.

as they bring money to communities

as they add to the sense of community.

as they only stay for short periods of time.

Miriam highlights the fact that many tourists

only stay in hotels and use bigger businesses

tend to stay in one location

visit and spend money in a range of places

choose not to return to unfriendly destinations

What does Charles say about the tourist areas of Barcelona?

They are hard to find a home in

They attract more investment

They attract older rather than young people

They are always very busy

What is Charles’ overall opinion about tourism?

He finds tourists annoying

He welcomes tourists to his home

He is angry that tourism affects local people

He believes tourists need to be controlled