gerund and infinitive

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gerund and infinitive

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00:31. Teacher suggested _____(do) a new project.

00:42. There are only 2 ways you can avoid ____ (do) a project - "You can die or you can move".

00:49. She carried on _______ (say) that it was not a science-fair type of project.

1:02. She fancies ______ (see) original inventions.

1:25. Why not try to become a famous inventor right now?

1:34. Maurine did not deny _____ (inspire) her kids to become inventors.

1:47. Steve did not give up ______ (compete) for the prize. Twice he won prizes in the competitions for his inventions.

2:40. A teacher dressed in a bunny suit did not mind ____ (try) Vanessa`s idea.

3:47. Vanessa considered _____ (cover) the scratches.

5:48. Vanessa did not imagine her colored car wax ______ (win) first place in her classroom.

6:53. Brothers Hoffman couldn`t help ______ (invite) her to appear in infomercial for Magic Shine.

7:09. Vanessa needed _____ (fly) to California.

7:34. Vanessa doesn`t regret ______ (have) such a teacher.

8:04. Don`t forget ______ (pet-погладити) a rabbit. If you don`t pet her, she eats your shoelaces.

8:26. What is the verb followed by gerund here?

8:51. Having the highest grades does not mean _____ (be) the best inventor.