Comparativo di maggioranza

Language: English
Subject: English language > Grammar
Age: 12 - 13

Completa le frasi utilizzando il comparativo di maggioranza.

My garden is

the car park. (pretty)

Paris is

Milan. (expensive)

The stadium is

the school gym. (big)

Michelle is

her sister. (tall)

My house is

my garden. (large)

Milan is

Rome. (cold)

The film stars are

my teachers. (rich)

My brother is

I am. (clever)

You are

me at English. (good)

Books are

films. (interesting)

Bikes are

trains. (slow)

The weather in Milan is

the weather in Rome. (bad)

Math is

Art. (difficult)

The English lesson is

the Italian lesson. (early)

My best friend is

me. (intelligent)

My classroom is

my bedroom. (wide)

Mark is

his mates. (friendly)

This street is

that raod. (narrow)