all tenses mix

Write the correct form
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all tenses mix

Write the correct form

I _____ about buying a new car recently (think)

- I haven't seen Mark for weeks.
- Well, I _____ him this afternoon. Why don't you come along? (meet)

- We'd better take a taxi to the station.
- Yes, the train _____ in 15 minutes (leave)

- Where is the newspaper?
- I threw it away. I thought you _____ reading it (finish)

- Cathy doesn't study enough.
- I know. I'm afraid she _____ her exam (pass)

- It's bad news about Janet crashing her new car, isn't it?
- Yes, She _____ for months to buy it. (save)

- Whose is this earring?
- I don't know. I found it when I _____ the house. (clean)

- I _____ to reach Jane on the phone all day.
- Don't you know? She's gone on holiday. (try)

- Is that a new jumper?
- No, I _____ it from Laura yesterday. (borrow)

- How is your grandfather?
- His condition _____ day by day. (improve)