Effective English Unit 1 - Model Essay

Language: English
Subject: English language > Augmentatives and diminutives
School grade: Singapore Singapore

Model Essay

Copy into a piece of foolscap paper. Then stick to your workbook.

Ahmad is a law-abidding boy who always follows the traffic rules. One hot afternoon, he passed by a busy road on his way to the grocery store. He decided to use an overhead bridge because he thought it was safer to to do so. 

Suddenly, he saw a boy running across the road. Ahmad thought it was too dangerous to jaywalk. In the next second, he heard a deafening bang. A car could not avoid the boy and hit him. 

A few pedestrians quickly called the ambulance whereas others informed the police. When the ambulance arrived at the scene, the boy was rushed to the hospital. Ahmad prayed for a speedy recovery for the boy.