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Tips for a good start to the school year

New beginnings, whatever they may be, are always linked to a mix between excitement and nerves. For those teachers who have spent years in the world of teaching, this process may be more bearable, however, the recommendations to have the best possible start to the school year never hurt. Here you have a few tips to get your classes of to a good start.

Plan ahead

Prepare the first day of class well so that your students perceive a teacher who is organized and committed to the subject. Introduce yourself, talk about you and explain all the contents that you will deal with during the year. This is important since they will connect with the subject and you will show them how that knowledge will be useful in their lives. 

Get to know your students

Break the ice, let your students know each other, show interest in meeting them and try to learn their names.  Choose a dynamic that helps you connect with them and encourage group cohesion. Working on belonging to the group can be very beneficial for students to feel comfortable in the classroom. 

Propose games

A good way to start with your class is by proposing a game to the students. Fostering a relaxed and trusting environment will also help them channel their nerves and be more receptive to everything related to the course. Do not forget to promote cooperation, remember that after months apart, they will love to do things together. 

Don’t stop learning

Taking advantage of the summer to learn new skills or catch up with the New Techs is very important to improve the quality of your teaching. Continuous learning is essential in a profession like teaching. There are endless educational resources and platforms that will help you get the most out of classes. 

Work the emotions

Developing emotional intelligence in the classroom is basic for your students to know and understand both their feelings and their classmate’s ones. Working on empathy and assertiveness will help them improve their academic performance and, also, outside the school.